Beat the HEAT, Inc. is a national non-profit organization comprised of Police Officers and Firefighters who conduct educational programs using marked emergency vehicle drag cars to gain the interest of the public. Heat Members develop programs and activities to serve their individual communities using the Goals of Beat the Heat, Inc. as a guide.


1. To EDUCATE the young people of our communities about the problems of illegal drug and alcohol use and the horrors of impaired and distracted driving,

2. To ENCOURAGE young people to stay in school and be an achiever in life,

3. To PROMOTE a better UNDERSTANDING between the Policeand the communities they serve and,

4. To EDUCATE the general public about the sport of drag racing, and encourage everyone to race on the dragstrip NOT IN THE STREET.

A member of Beat the HEAT, Inc. must be an active, retired, volunteer or reserve Police Officer or Firefighter willing to educate young people and adults of the dangers of illegal drugs and alcohol, and driving safety issues such as impaired and distracted driving. Heat Members present programs free of charge to groups of all ages in schools, churches, community activities, and displays. Although supported by local public safety agencies, Beat the Heat is totally funded by the individual BTH members and their sponsors.

Programs conducted by BTH Members range from the Staying in School and the Value of an Education, Dangers of Drugs and Alcohol Abuse, Impaired and Distracted Driving, Stranger Danger, Fire Safety and our newest project…Combating Illegal Street Racing. Although Heat Teams support and participate in the sport of drag racing, educational programs are the focus of Beat the Heat members and comprise approximately 95% of the total Heat activities.

Beat the Heat (BTH) Members have an opportunity to closely interact with both young people and the general public to make a personal connection and promote a better understanding of each other. It gives the public the opportunity to see that Police and Firefighters are more than just authority figures…they are real people dedicated to serving their communities.

Beat the HEAT, Inc. has grown to over 400 members with programs in 36 states, as well as Teams in Canada, Puerto Rico, Australia and the UK. Beat the HEAT, Inc. is a non-profit corporation recognized as tax exempt by the IRS under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code. ALL donations are tax deductible. Each member conducts their program using personal funds and donations from sponsors. Although supported by local public safety agencies, tax dollars do not fund this organization.

For more information contact: Lt. Tom Brown - President Beat the Heat, Inc. – 352 538-1222 or email at

Just the facts, M’am.” - A History of Beat the Heat, Inc.

The original BEAT THE HEAT PROGRAM was started by Sgt. Don Robertson of the Jacksonville, Florida Sheriff's Department in 1984. In 1990, Senior Corporal Mac Sibley of the Dallas Police Department brought the program to Texas with the help of the Duncanville Police Department. The program started with 2 cars in 1990. In 1991, it expanded with a 3rd car from the Sulphur Springs, Texas Police Department.

In 1992, the volunteer police officers incorporated the program receiving tax-exempt status from the IRS under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code. The program also received tax-exempt status from the Comptroller of the State of Texas. That year, the program grew to 5 cars.

In 1993, the program grew to 18 cars representing 15 Police Agencies around the State of Texas. Ten officers from the Houston area formed a Gulf Coast Beat the Heat Division. In 1993, the officers participated in over 40 events around the state where they were in direct contact with over 50,000 young people.

In 1994, the program grew to over 25 cars and the Heat Teams participated in over 50 events contacting almost 100,000 young people. It also won a prestigious CRIMINAL JUSTICE AWARD from the Texas Attorney General's Office for its work with young people in the Prevention Category. BTH Members worked… face to face…with well over 100,000 young people in 1994.

In 1995, the program grew beyond the borders of the State of Texas with over 35 officers and cars representing 30 Police Agencies in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. The 1995 Schedule of Events grew to over 100 different events around the country by the end of the year. There were 41 participants in the 5TH ANNUAL BEAT THE HEAT CHALLENGE at the Texas Motorplex and over 6,000 spectators were in the stands. This was the largest spectator crowd to ever attend a regular Saturday night bracket race in the history of the Motorplex. Easily, half of the spectators were young people. That's what we are all about.

Through the end of the 90’s and into the 2000’s, Beat the Heat has continued to see steady growth in membership, events and programs. Heat members have participated annually in approximately 1,000 events including school and church programs, parades, civic and community events, public displays, and races. They have driven approximately 500,000 miles and contacted in excess of 1,500,000 kids each year! The organization has grown to over 400 members in 36 states, as well as international members in Canada, Puerto Rico, Australia, and the UK!

Beat the HEAT partners with NHRA

In 2003, Beat the Heat, Inc. began a partnership with NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) and the U.S. Army in the NHRA Youth Education Services Program (Y.E.S.). The Y.E.S. Program encourages young people to explore the possibilities of careers in drag racing, the military, drag racing support services and public service. Heat Teams display their cars at the Y.E.S. Programs and interact with approximately 5,000 young people at each NHRA Event. With the support and encouragement of Wally Parks, co-founder of NHRA, BTH has increased its participation at NHRA Events. In 2009, Beat the Heat was invited to not only work in the Y.E.S. Program but Heat Teams display on the Manufacturers Mid-way at each of the NHRA National Events. NHRA also named Beat the Heat as one of their Charities in the Community and recognizes BTH as the ‘go to’ organization to combat illegal street racing. Heat Teams work with their local drag race tracks to set up Street Legal Programs and encourage people to not race on the streets. Street Racing is NOT Drag Racing…Take it to the Strip!!!

Beat the HEAT in the Media!!!

After becoming a partner with NHRA in 2003, Beat the Heat has been featured in the NHRA National Dragster magazine. Heat Teams appeared on numerous ESPN televised NHRA National Events and on NHRA Today, as well as several ABC news stories and the Travel Channel.

Beginning in 2008, Heat Teams were seen on SpeedTV shows PINKS, PINKS All Out, and PINKS All Outtakes. One Heat member, Tommy Hansen – Galveston Sheriff Office, made it all the way to the semi-finals before going out at a PINKS All Out Event in Belle Rose, LA in 2009.

In October 2008, a group of Heat Members were invited to San Antonio Raceway to participate in the popular SpeedTV game show, Pass Time. Eight Heat members were chosen to be contestants on the Law Enforcement Week Episodes of Pass Time debuting in February 2009…and two Heat members won beating the Pass Time ‘House’ representative, Ken Herring. Ten Heat members and their cars were participants in the ‘Beat the Heat’ episode of Pass Time where civilians competed guessing the ETs of Heat cars. The Pass Time shows gave Beat the Heat great exposure. The Heat members on Pass Time are recognized while out in public and even asked for their autographs!!!!

More media in 2010!!! BTH is to be featured on CBS Channel One in 8,000 schools across the US reaching 6 million students. A cover story about BTH will be released with the July/August edition of the AAA Texas Journey magazine.

Beat the HEAT Johnny Lightning Cars

Big things come in small packages…is a phrase that describes Beat the Heat Johnny Lightning collectible cars. RC2, the company that has been producing the Johnny Lightning miniature collectible die cast cars for 40 years, partnered with Beat the Heat, Inc. to produce a line of the 1/64 scale Heat cars. The first Heat Johnny Lightning cars debuted in November 2009 with additional cars being released after that time. The Heat Johnny Lightning cars can be found at retailers like WalMart and Target, as well as toy stores and hobby shops.

Beat the HEAT in the Community

Beat the Heat members conduct educational programs and participate in numerous community activities, and provide speakers for a variety of community organizations. Racing comprises less than 5% of the activities of Heat Teams.

  • Church and School Programs

  • Technical Schools & Colleges

  • Rotary, Lions, Elks etc. organization

  • NHRA Division and Directors Mtgs

  • Display at all types of retail, office, manufacturing, & restaurant businesses

  • Display at all NHRA National Events

  • Parades and community focus events

  • Display at all ADRL events

  • Cub, Eagle, and Girl Scouting events

  • Safety fairs and seminars

  • Police & Firefighters training and events

  • Professional sporting events

  • Youth Education and Leadership events

  • Military base public events

  • Car shows

  • Fund raising events – public & private

  • Racing industry conventions/shows

  • City Council and Government meetings

For more information contact: Lt. Tom Brown - President Beat the Heat, Inc. – 352 538-1222 or email at